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How Does It Work?

 How Does It Work?

People receive according to their own natures. As the Latihan goes deeper, you begin to receive and understand the inner guidance which accompanies you through your life. You can be in contact with this spiritual experience, without any intermediary, any time, anywhere.


How Can I Experience It?

If you are seventeen or older and have the sincere wish to worship God you can receive the contact for the first time by being present with others who are doing their Latihan. This is called the Opening. The Latihan is usually done twice a week and can last about thirty minutes.


The Way of Subud

"Every person will find for himself or herself the right way towards God, and what may be the right way for one may be completely wrong for another. Therefore you must discover your own self, and develop your own inner self, if you want to find the way to God. You must not follow or imitate anyone else."

M.S. Sumohadiwidjojo, Founder of Subud™, Singapore 1960