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Subud Auckland

Auckland is known as the 'city of sails' and is the largest city in New Zealand with a diverse population of over 1.4 million. Located on an isthmus in the upper North Island, it has large inland harbours from the Pacific Ocean in the east and the Tasman Sea in the west.  It is a vibrant business and cultural centre in a setting of great natural beauty.

Subud has been established in Auckland since the late 1950's, not long after it first came to the West.  Our group consists of 60 plus members from Auckland City and the surrounding region. Our Hall, which we have occupied since 1997, is centrally located and easily accessible from the highways


         Location:  19 Formby Avenue, Pt Chevalier,  Auckland (map)

         Latihan Times: (Subud members only)

           Mondays - 8:00 for 8:15 pm (men only)

           Thursdays - 8:00 for 8:15 pm (simultaneous)

           Sundays - 10:00 for 10:15 am (simultaneous)

         Contact: +64 9 846-5797



Subud Wellington


Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and is located on the southern most coast of the North Island.  As the capital city it houses Parliament Building and the various goverment departments, the headquarters of many businesses, and it is also a centre of art and culture.  The city itself is quite compact and easy to explore.  It has a relatively small population of just over 200,000, while the Wellinton region including closely linked cities and districts is home to 500,000.

Subud Wellington is a small group which was established in the late 1950's, and has its own Hall around 10 kms from the city centre.


 Generic cottage        Location: 54 Black Rock Rd, Newlands, Wellington (map)

         Latihan Times: (Subud members only)

             Mondays - 7:45 for 8:00 pm (simultaneous)

             Thursdays - 7:45 for 8:00 pm (simultaneous)

             Sundays - 10:00 for 10:15 am (simultaneous)

         Contact: +64 4 232 9973, +64 4 566 0084



Subud Nelson

 nelson panoramic

Nelson is located at the north of the South Island of New Zealand and is a beautiful and peaceful place to live. There are a great many local tourist attractions and a remarkable amount of things to do. Nelson caters for people from all walks of life and is a particularly great place to bring up children.

There have been isolated Subud members in Nelson for many years but, with a recent increase in the membership, Nelson became a formal group several years ago, with approximately a dozen practicing members.


subud group

         Location: St Johns Methodist Church, 320 Hardy Street, Nelson (map)

                        (rented buiding behind the church)

         Latihan times: (Subud members only)

           Sundays - 8:00 for 8:15 pm (simultaneous)

           Thursdays - 8:00 for 8:15 pm (simultaneous)

         Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Subud Christchurch


 Christchurch has a peaceful and calm quality, with rolling hills on the coast, and gentle planes extending to the west and the beautiful backdrop of the Southern Alps.  It is known for its many and extensive gardens and these, and the Avon River that meanders gently through the urban centre, bely the energy of this second largest of New Zealand cities, with a population of over 360,000.  It is steadily recovering from the devastating earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011.

Christchurch hosted the 13th Subud World Congress in January 2010, and it was the dedication and enthusiasm of the Subud Christchurch group that made this possible.  The group is the largest in New Zealand, with over 70 members.  It has been established since the late 1950's, and has had a large and family-friendly property in Heathcote Valley for many years, with the first Subud Hall in New Zealand.  Their facilities were further extended in 2010 with the addition of a new Hall.


Subud Dunedin


 Dunedin is a university city, with 25,000 students out of its population of 123,000. It has a distinctly Scottish feel, which is not surprising given that its name is the Celtic form of Edinburgh.  It had been settled just a few decades when it prospered and expanded rapidly as a result of the Central Otago gold rush of the 1860's. For a brief period it was New Zealand's largest city, and many of it's stately buildings derive from that time and from the wealth of gold.  The University of Otago (pictured above) was an early beneficiary, being founded in 1869 as New Zealand's first university, becoming in time a world leader in education and research. The population has grown slowly over the past 50 years, and this rate of manageable change has conferred a sense of stability and enduring strength, and closeness of community.

A pioneer Subud group was first established in the late 1950's and was active for 20 years or so, but there have been periods of quiescence since with the relocation and passing of some members.  The group has revived over the past few decades and meets for weekly latihans at the Quaker Hall.