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Subud Enterprise Services International

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Subud Enterprises Services International is a committee of the World Subud Association.

The purpose of this committee is to support and encourage the creation and growth of Subud Enterprise around the globe.

SESI's function is to bring together and focus the business enterprise resources available within the World Subud Association.

Our purpose is to harness these resources to nurture and develop business enterprises – from which part of the profits are allocated in support of our Association's social and charitable work, and its financing needs. 
The outcome aimed for is that we acknowledge that the fruits of the latihan we receive are not something reserved for ourselves alone but we are moved to share them with all of humanity. In this way these fruits may grow and become something tangible, useful to society, and known to the world.

"So Bapak's prayer for all of you is: Do not ever cease to think of enterprises. We are already beginning to pioneer the way in this direction. We are beginning to discern the way by which we have to go: the way to happiness for all Subud members who have received the gift of God Almighty through the latihan kejiwaan of Subud."  - Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (Bapak).

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